Rewriting Traditions. Contemporary Irish Fiction
Coordinated by Aurora Piñeiro

The literary landscape of contemporary Irish fiction is an extraordinary one; it is vital, multifarious and difficult to label. Within the multiplicity that characterises this narrative universe, we find copious examples of novels and short stories that are rewritings of previous and well-known pieces. The notion of rewriting –and its varied embodiments– is the guiding principle in this book, which is divided into three main parts. Part I gathers nine articles by scholars who approach the multiple strategies deployed by Irish writers when they aim at resignifying literary traditions, modes or strategies in their contemporary (re)appropriations of the past. Part II approaches the notion of rewriting from the perspectives of literary translation and performance, and includes excerpts from works by Mary Costello, Claire Keegan and Sarah Baume. Part III offers readers a selection of self-study exercises and further readings that expands the central views discussed in this volume. Rewriting Traditions encourages dialogues on creativity and rewriting in relation to the unlimited cartographies of contemporary Irish fiction.

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