Miguel Ángel Valverde

Miguel Á. Valverde Reyes is an eighth semester student at the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters (FFyL) of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). He is currently writing his bachelor’s thesis on H. G. Wells’s The War of the Worlds, in which he studies and problematizes the construction of the human being in light of the animal and the alien being, with Animal Studies and Darwinian evolutionary theory on its basis. Along similar lines, he presented in 2019 his paper “Friend/Fiend, Pet/Pest: (Des) y (re)figuraciones de lo animal, lo salvaje y lo humano en Robinson Crusoe, de Daniel Defoe” at the symposium Naúfragos emprendedores y pasiones desbordadas: 300 años de Robinson Crusoe, de Daniel Defoe y Love in Excess, de Eliza Haywood held at the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters. In that same year, Miguel Ángel became grantee of the PAPIME project “Literatura angloirlandesa contemporánea de los siglos XX y XXI” at his university and participated as such in Joyce Without Borders, the 2019 North American James Joyce Symposium, jointly hosted by UNAM and UAM in Mexico City, assisting the Organizing Committee. Apart from Animal Studies, his scholarly interests include gothic literature, contemporary Anglo-Irish literature, science fiction, and seventeenth-century literary studies, among others.